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Since 1966, the American Branch has published its journal, the Ricardian Register.  The Register  is a treasure trove of Ricardian information.  In its pages you’ll find research articles written by members on a wide range of topics, a chronicle of Richard III in pop culture through the decades, book reviews, and of course Branch happenings.  We have a nearly-complete archive of back issues below. 

NOTE: The current year’s issue of the Register are available to read HERE but a member password is required.


Ricardian Register – Sept 222022

Missing Princes New Theory; Roxanne Murph; Arthur Kincaid, Reviews

Ricardian Register – March 20222022

John Gunthorpe; Dominic Mancini; Missing Princes

Ricardian Register – Summer 991999

Neville: Edward IV; Bosworth; Margaret of York; Genealogy; Schallek Scholar; Classroom; Fotheringhay; Website; AGM;

Ricardian Register – Winter 991999

Hereditary; Shakespeare; Parentage; Malformation; Barnard Castle; Statue;

Ricardian Register – Fall 991999

Thomas Stanley; William Stanley; Betrayal; Paul Murray Kendall; Tour; Middleham; Classroom;

Ricardian Register – Summer 981998

Thomas More; Shakespeare; Tudor; Holinshed’s Chronicle; Literary; John Rous; 15th Century Conference;

Ricardian Register – Winter 981998

Colingbourne; Catesby; Lovell; Ratcliffe; Bertram Fields; Charlie Rose; Website;

Ricardian Register – Fall 981998

Towton Hall; Towton; Margaret of Anjou; Richard Neville; Edward IV; Shakespeare; Middleham; Dickon Award;

Ricardian Register – Summer 971997

15th Century; Henry VI; Edward IV; Richard III; Henry VII; Pretenders; Trade; Schallek Scholar; AGM;

Ricardian Register – Winter 971997

Cicely Neville; Cecily Neville; Margaret of Anjou; Margaret Beaufort; Elizabeth Woodville; Sharon Kay Penman; Mystery; AGM;

Ricardian Register – Fall 971997

Kingship; Usurpation; Nobility; Edward IV; Louis VI; Nicholas Von Popplau;

Ricardian Register – Fall 961996

Pacino; Silent Film; American Film Institute; Harleian Manuscript;

Ricardian Register – Winter 961996

Mock Trial; Rehnquist; Shakespeare; McKellen; Pacino; Upper-class Englishwomen; AGM;

Ricardian Register – Summer 961996

Machiavelli; Chivalry; Absolute Monarch; Website; Schallek Scholars;

Ricardian Register – Summer 951995

Internet; Schallek Scholar; Piers Plowman; Teaching Richard; Trial;

Ricardian Register – Winter 951995

Margaret Pole; Ricardian Tour; McKellen; Dickon Award; AGM Report; Software;

Ricardian Register – Fall 951995

Paul Murray Kendall; Web Development; Ohio; Ian McKellen; Leslau;

Ricardian Register – Winter 941994

Middleham; Church of St. Mary and St. Akelda; Rous Roll; AGM; Shakespeare Festival;

Ricardian Register – Spring 941994

Weir; Birthday; June 13; Elizabeth of York; Shakespeare; Clarence; Patrick Carleton;

Ricardian Register – Fall 941994

Bosworth Field; Ricardian Tour; Gaunt; Act of Settlement; Lancastrian; Yorkist; Illegitimacy; Richard Plantagenet;

Ricardian Register – Winter 931993

Laurence Olivier; Alexander Clark; Shakespeare Festival; Daviot; AGM;

Ricardian Register – Summer 931993

Curriculum; Exhibit; Middleham; Edward IV; Medieval Congress;

Ricardian Register – Spring 931993

Healing Touch; Disease; Edward IV; Schallek Scholar; Movies; Mallory;

Ricardian Register – Fall 19931993

Edward IV; Genealogy; Daubeney; Beaufort; Tewkesbury; McKellen;

Ricardian Register – Sept 212021

American Branch 60th Anniversary; Lambert Simnel; Mechanical St. Alban figure

Ricardian Register – March 212021

Origins of the white rose of York, Mortimer influence; Alicia Cannizzo, Schalleck Awardee; Missing Princes Project

Ricardian Register – Sept 202020

GMM announcement; Jonathan Hayes obit

Ricardian Register – March 202020

Anne Lovell; Princes in the Tower; Dianne Batch obit

Ricardian Register – Summer 921992

AGM; Bosworth; Charles T. Wood; 1484 Act of Succession; Reginald Bray; Theatre and Theater; Schallek Award;

Ricardian Register – Winter 19921992

Sir Thomas More; The Princes; New Orleans; Dickon Awards; Maxwell Anderson; Archbishop Richard Scrope;

Ricardian Register – Fall 921992

Bosworth 1485; Henry Tudor; Stanley; Sir Ian McKellan; Theatre; Schallek Awards; AGM;

Ricardian Register – Fall 911991

Exhibitions; Middleham Jewel; Cosmetics Middle Ages; Middleham Castle Restoration;

Ricardian Register – Summer 19911991

Edward IV; Margaret Anjou; Anne; Sir John Donne; Shakespeare; Middleham Castle; Brothers

Ricardian Register – Sept 192019

False paternity & the Wars of the Roses, DNA testing; Whodunit: Princes in the Tower

Ricardian Register – March 192019

Edward IV & Eleanor Butler pre-contract, legality of, Ecclesiastical law; Ricardian music

Ricardian Register – Sept 182018

GIles’ Chronicle of the Lancastrian era; Royal Progress of Richard III

Ricardian Register – March 182018

Thomas Langton; 2018 GMM

Ricardian Register – Sept 172017

Yorkist Monarchy & the Church; George, Duke of Clarence, disputes over Beauchamp inheritance & Anne Neville

Ricardian Register – March 172017

Sumptuary Statute of 1363, laws on diet and clothing

Ricardian Register – Sept 162016

Thomas More; John Morton; William Brandon, Tudor standard bearer; Richard III intestinal infection; John Catesby

Ricardian Register – March 162016

Tower of London; Bylaws; Richard III as Admiral & Constable

Ricardian Register – Sept 152015

Margaret of Anjou; Edward IV & Elizabeth Woodville marriage; Richard III’s reburial; Middleham jewel

Ricardian Register – March 152015

Battle of Bosworth; Crecy and longbow tactics; Reputation of Richard III

Ricardian Register – Dec 142014

Battle of Bosworth; Ricardian Nicknames; Annual Reports

Ricardian Register – Sept 142014

Burial of Richard III; Holy relics; Philippa Langley

Ricardian Register – June 142014

Crosby Place; William Shakespeare

Ricardian Register – Feb 142014

Scoliosis; AGM announcement

Ricardian Register – Dec 132013

Anthony Woodville; Richard III’s Parliament and Statutes; Annual Reports

Ricardian Register – Sept 132013

Royal Progress of Henry VII; Richard’s Affinity as Duke of Gloucester; Katherine, Countess of Huntingdon

Ricardian Register – June 20132013

Greyfriars dig conference; Thomas More; Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham

Ricardian Register – March 132013

Discovery of Richard III’s remains; Francois Villon; Richard III and Anne Neville’s relationship

Ricardian Register – Spring 911991

Schallek Deadline; Solar Eclipse; Crosby Hall; Brass Rubbing;

Ricardian Register – Winter 911991

AGM; Dickon Award; Schallek Fund; Academic expansion; Ricardian Tour; Middleham Jewel;

Ricardian Register – Dec 122012

Discovery of Richard III’s body; Edward IV Roll digitization; Elizabeth, Lady Scales; Torture in Arthurian Tradition

Ricardian Register – Sept 122012

Lambert Simnel; Christmas pudding; Bylaws amendments

Ricardian Register – June 122012

College of Arms; Jacqueline of Hainault; Thomas Stafford

Ricardian Register – March 122012

Edward V’s health; Margaret Pole; Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick; Edward IV and poison

Ricardian Register – Dec 20112011

Annual Reports; Edward of Lancaster; Crosby Place

Ricardian Register – Sept 112011

Henry Wyatt; Elizabeth of York; Edward IV and diabetes; Cicely Neville

Ricardian Register – June 112011

Economics and the Wars of the Roses; Cicely Neville; Edward V’s convocation

Ricardian Register – April 112011

Tour Report; Towton Battlefield; Edward V’s convocation

Ricardian Register – Fall/Winter 102010

Richard as Duke of Gloucester; Woodvilles and the royal treasury

Ricardian Register – Spring/Summer 102010

Carole Rike obit; St. Albans; Medieval gambling

Ricardian Register – Winter 901990

Dickon Award; Tour of Britain; Edward De Vere; Shakespeare; Cecil; Photos

Ricardian Register – Summer 901990

AGM Report; Maxwell Anderson Playwright; Board Chronicles

Ricardian Register – Spring 901990

Anne Neville; Edmund Grey; St. Albans; Edward IV; Paston;

Ricardian Register – Fall 092009

Richard as Duke of Gloucester; Edward IV Roll University of Pennsylvania

Ricardian Register – Summer 092009

John Ashdown-Hill; Ricardian portraits in Dorset; Peter Hancock book excerpt

Ricardian Register – Spring 092009

Woodville siblings; Medieval gloassary

Ricardian Register – Winter 082008

Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester; Fiction library

Ricardian Register – Summer/Fall 082008

Lending Library news; Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester

Ricardian Register – Spring 082008

Annette Carson on the Princes in the Tower; Schallek Awards

Ricardian Register – Fall 901990

Arthur Plantagenet; Historiography; Tey; Apologia;

Ricardian Register – Winter 072007

Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham; Katharine Woodville, Duchess of Buckingham; 2007 Society Tour

Ricardian Register – Fall 072007

Geography of the Tower of London

Ricardian Register – Summer 072007

Coronation re-enactments Tower of London; Rosemary Horrox

Ricardian Register – Spring 072007

Time and Clocks in the Middle Ages; AGM announcement; Ravensur Cross

Ricardian Register – Winter 062006

Richard, Duke of York; Francis Lovell; Central Florida Renaissance Faire

Ricardian Register – Fall 20062006

Anne Beauchamp; Saints of Northumbria

Ricardian Register – Spring/Summer 062006

William Lord Hastings; Kirby Muxloe Castle; Ricardian Tour report

Ricardian Register – Winter 052005

Edwin Austin Abbey’s Richard & Anne; Morris McGee obit

Ricardian Register – Fall 052005

Elizabeth Woodville; Tewkesbury; Richard’s mtDNA

Ricardian Register – Summer 052005

Crosby Hall; Triennial Conference; Plumbing in the 15th century

Ricardian Register – Spring 052005

Margaret Beaufort; Princes in the Tower in art

Ricardian Register – Winter 042004

Exeter; Richard III’s visit to Magdalen College; Fotheringhay

Ricardian Register – Fall 042004

Margaret Beaufort; Gainsborough Old Hall; Astrology; Tewkesbury; Medieval calendar

Ricardian Register – Summer 042004

Richard III at Madame Tussaud’s; Eleanor Talbot; Elizabeth Talbot

Ricardian Register – Spring 042004

Community & Identity in 15th Century England; Witchcraft; Ballad of Bosworth Field; “On the Trail of King Richard III” book

Ricardian Register – Winter 032003

Perkin Warbeck; Elizabeth of York; Combat psychology; Princes in the Tower

Ricardian Register – Fall 032003

Richard III and the City of Bruges; Hanley Castle, Worcestershire

Ricardian Register – Summer 032003

Battle of Shrewsbury; Duke of Buckingham; Remembering Geoffrey Richardson

Ricardian Register – Spring 032003

Battle of Barnet; Battle of Merevale; American & Canadian Branch meeting report

Ricardian Register – Winter 022002

Battle of Barnet; Bosworth at Atherstone; Ricardian tour diary

Ricardian Register – Fall 022002

Josephine Tey; Medieval Mystery Novels

Ricardian Register – Summer 022002

Battle of Bosworth; Wargaming Bosworth

Ricardian Register – Winter 891989

Medieval medicine; reviews of Horrox’s “Richard III: Study of Service” and Pollard’s “Wars of the Roses”

Ricardian Register – Summer 891989

Medieval food & cooking; poetry by Glenda Motley; Ricardian reading

Ricardian Register – Spring 891989

Ricardian Wensleydale; RSC’s performance of Shakespeare’s “Richard III”

Ricardian Register – Autumn 891989

Ricardian Reading; Memoriam to Laurence Olivier; report on International Congress of Medieval Studies

Ricardian Register – Winter 881988

Touring England; report on AGM; map of York

Ricardian Register – Summer 881988

High school student essays about Richard III

Ricardian Register – Spring 881988

Use of rhetoric in Shakespeare’s “Richard III”; notes on strawberries, Richard’s motto Tant le Desirere

Ricardian Register – Autumn 881988

Jacquetta of Luxembourg; Tower ravens & medieval animal menageries

Ricardian Register – Winter 871987

La Scala premiere of Flavio Testi’s “Ricardo III” opera; Elizabeth of York; Mary Schaller’s “The Final Trial of Richard III” play

Ricardian Register – Summer 871987

Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham; Report on Oxford University Symposium

Ricardian Register – Autumn 871987

Richard III and Ireland; Margaret of York; Richard III in Johnny Quest comic book

Ricardian Register – Winter 861986

Francis Lovell; Richard Neville, Kingmaker; Historiocity of Shakespeare’s “Richard III”

Ricardian Register – Summer 861986

Margaret Pole; 15th century fashion; Cecily Neville; Scholarship Committee of American branch

Ricardian Register – Spring 861986

Grantham’s Royal & Angel Inn; Anthony Woodville; Chapter news

Ricardian Register – Autumn 861986

15th century clothing; Ricardian holdings at British Library; Sandal Castle; Comet Haley in 1456

Ricardian Register – Fall 841984

AGM report; Ricardian music; Hastings’ family history; reviews of Sutton/Hammond’s “Coronation of Richard III” and Desmond Seward’s “Richard III Black Legend”; more fiction from Hazel Peter

Ricardian Register – Winter 831983

Excerpt of Hazel Peter’s novel; review of Sharon Penman’s “Sunne in Splendour”; 15th century handwriting

Ricardian Register – Summer 831983

Helen Maurer Analyzes Suspects involved w/ Princes in the Tower; Papp’s Central Park Performance of “Richard III”; review of Potter’s “Good King Richard?”

Ricardian Register – Summer 821982

Report on International Congress Medieval Studies; Jane Austen; Elizabeth Woodville’s whereabouts 1483-87; short story by Rosemary Tillman

Ricardian Register – Spring 821982

JR Lander’s Approach to Richard III’s Prayer; Medieval Herbs; Charles Ross’s Richard III biography; William Caxton

Ricardian Register – Fall 811981

Author Patrick Carleton; African Grove Theater’s 1820 performance of Richard III; Quincentenary of Bosworth

Ricardian Register – Spring 811981

Richard III’s Wycliffe Bible; Laurence Olivier’s Richard III; Professor Bisceglia on Why Richard III Enthralls College Students

Ricardian Register – Fall 012001

John Morton;Princes in the Tower;Colin Richmond

Ricardian Register – Summer 012001

Margery Kempe;Bosworth field;15th century conference report

Ricardian Register – Winter 002000

Bosworth Field location;Shakespeare vs history;Edward IV rRoll

Ricardian Register – Fall 002000

Richard & the Percys;The Cult of Henry VI;Richard’s Parliament robe;Royal bloodlines

Ricardian Register – Summer 002000

Henry V & Valmont/Harfleur;Dickon’s Ballad;Days of Grace at Middleham play

Ricardian Register – Oct 781978

AGM report;Ricardian comic strip

Ricardian Register – Jan&Jun 781978

Leicester statue;Herb lore;English brasses

Ricardian Register – Sep/Dec 771977

AGM report;Richard’s York Christmas;Gwentlian Stradling

Ricardian Register – Jul/Aug 771977

AGM;Chapter reports;Plantagent genealogy

Ricardian Register – May/Jun 771977

Branch UK tour;Stratford Festival;Sweating sickness;Growth of Legends

Ricardian Register – Jan-Feb 701970

Princes in the Tower;Central Park joust;Medieval recipes

Ricardian Register – Fall 791979

Al Pacino;Shakespeare;Deposition of Kings;AGM

Ricardian Register – Jan-Jun 791979

Branch UK tour;Branch finances;Wars of the Roses

Ricardian Register – March&June 691969

To Prove A Villain;How to talk about Richard;Library additions

Ricardian Register – Jul/Aug 691969

AGM announcement;UK trip report;Library additions

Ricardian Register – Sep/Oct 691969

Bosworth memorial;Washington DC chapter;Medieval music

Ricardian Register – Nov/Dec 691969

Branch incorporation;Princes in the Tower;Syllabub recipes

Ricardian Register – Oct/Nov 681968

AGM report;Elizabeth Woodville;Members’ survey

Ricardian Register – Mar 681968

NYC meeting;A.L. Rowse

Ricardian Register – Jun/Jul 681968

Report from UK,Western Branch news

Ricardian Register – Jan 681968

Secretary’s report;Ricardian reprints

Ricardian Register – Feb 681968

Richard handwriting analysis;Book reviews;Betty Schloss

Ricardian Register – Dec 681968

Member poll;Peerage of England at Richard’s Accession

Ricardian Register – Aug/Sep 681968

Rose of Raby;Richard’s letters

Ricardian Register – Apr/May 681968

Chapter news;Titulus Regius;Shakespeare vs History

Ricardian Register – Sept 671967

Annual Meeting announcement

Ricardian Register – Oct 671967

Incorporation vote;Annual Meeting minutes

Ricardian Register – Nov 671967

Members’ UK tour;Member list

Ricardian Register – May 671967

Lydia Ragosin;To Prove A Villain book;Library additions

Ricardian Register – March 671967

Washington DC chapter;Secretary’s report

Ricardian Register – Jun 671967

Lydia Ragosin;Corruptible Crown;Daughter of Time

Ricardian Register – Jul/Aug 671967

Members Library;Washington meeting;Daughter of Time

Ricardian Register – Feb 671967

Rosalie Ehrlich;Membership news;News from UK

Ricardian Register – Dec 671967

Washington DC chapter;List of papers;Library additions

Ricardian Register – April 671967

Letter from UK Chair;Pittsburgh meeting report;Secretary’s report

Ricardian Register – January 671967

Andre Norton;Rex Stout

Ricardian Register – December 661966

Members’ trip to UK; Common Interests; Welcome

Ricardian Register – First Issue1966

Reports from the Board; Resolution regarding The Ricardian