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The American Branch uses NeonCRM as our database for membership management.  Access the membership portal by clicking the button below; you will be leaving this site and going to our Neon portal.  From there, you can renew, update your contact information, or make a donation.  Each member should have a personal username/password for the membership portal.

If you need further help, see our FAQ page.

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The Society maintains lending libraries, non-fiction and fiction, for member use, as well as a growing collection of audio-visual materials.  They contains many historical and literary works relating to the Yorkist and early Tudor era that are out of print or otherwise difficult to find.

Click below to visit the Lending Libraries. 

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The American Branch holds a General Membership Meeting annually on a weekend close to November 1st (the date Richard was made Duke of Gloucester), biennially on even-numbered years. We also sponsor various online talks throughout the course of the year.  

See our events listing below, but membership is required to register for events.

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The most recent year’s issues of the Ricardian Register journal are online for members to view.  Click the button below for access.

Ricardian Register

The Ricardian Chronicle is the online newsletter of the American Branch, “by and about members.”  Click the button below for access.

Ricardian Chronicle

Exclusive video recordings of our past online events and lectures are available for our members to watch wherever, whenever! 

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As required by law, the American Branch keeps an archive of its past meeting minutes, Bylaws, 503c status, and articles of incorporation.

You may review all of these documents by clicking the button below.

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Volunteering & honors

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The Richard III Society American Branch is an all-volunteer organization.  Our volunteers take on many duties to keep the Branch functioning for its members, and volunteers who have made especially significant contributions are recognized with the Dickon Award at our GMM.  We also bestow the Plantagenet Angel Award for our most generous donors.

Click the button to see a list of past Dickon Awardees and learn more about volunteering. 

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