Liz Bateman Takes on the Job

The American Branch has been without a Chapters Coordinator for several years, but no longer!

We are pleased to announce that Liz Bateman is stepping into the role.  Liz is the head of the Tidewater Branch, and a past Dickon Award winner for her work in organizing the 2022 GMM in Arlington, VA.

What Does a Chapters Coordinator Do?

Photo of Liz Bateman

Our Chapters Coordinator is tasked with advising any members who want to create a new regional chapter, communicating with existing chapters about their activities, keeping up-to-date contact information for chapters, and helping to select and coordinate with chapters who’d like to host a GMM. 

Meet Liz – In Her Own Words

I’m Elizabeth (Liz) Bateman, Lead of the Tidewater Chapter of the Richard the Third Society, American Branch. How did I find myself here, having been a Psych graduate from UC Davis in California, then a counselor at Western State Mental Hospital; a flight attendant for an international charter airline; a teacher of Deaf/Blind children; and a teacher of Advanced Composition in English as a Second Language at Northern VA Community College?

One fortuitous evening, I was at a Smithsonian lecture given by Carol Ann Lloyd Stanger on Richard III and I met Bob Phile, founder of, and George Usher, Treasurer of the Tidewater Chapter of the RIII Society. Who knew there was a Richard III Society? What fun, and how interesting! I think I’ll join! Then, I read The Daughter of Time, watched The White Queen, and heard other lectures on Medieval topics. I was asked to step up for Bob, who needed a rest, and agreed. Later, I was so pleased to visit York, Leicester, and other areas near where King Richard spent much of his life. It’s been fascinating to learn about the Wars of the Roses and the Medieval era in history. The Richard III Society has made history come alive with presentations and their GMMs. I’m looking forward to learning more as time goes on and others share their knowledge and expertise with me.

Did You Know?

The American Branch has regional Chapters in Virginia/Tidewater, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New York, the Rocky Mountains, and the Northwestern states.  Any members interested in joining a Chapter should get in touch with the Chapter Head for their area — find contact information on the bottom of our Contact Us page.  Want to start a Chapter in your state?

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