Head’s up to American Ricardians with an interest in armor! The Toledo Museum of Art is currently hosting an extensive exhibit about armor:  from its earliest use in the Ancient Greek period, through to the Medieval period, and beyond.  This is currently on display, and is scheduled to close on February 27.  For more information, check out their website. “Suits of armor, and the warriors who wore them, have fueled

  The 2022 awardee of the annual Schallek Fellowship is Alexandra Atiya from the University of Toronto.  Her dissertation topic is, “Economic and Spiritual Conflict in Medieval East Anglian Drama.”  Read Alexandra’s full abstract here… The Richard III Society-American Branch, in collaboration with the Medieval Academy of America, offers a full-year fellowship and five graduate student awards in memory of William B. and Maryloo Spooner Schallek. The fellowship and awards

  Welcome to the new website of the Richard III Society-American Branch!   Here, we present a broad range of sources to explore the following questions:  What kind of person was Richard III, and what was his life like before and after he became king? What were the major influences of his day and age, and how would these have shaped his outlook? Was he the twisted, tyrannical ruler Shakespeare portrayed?