New Additions to the Fiction Library 

by Pauline Calkin, Fiction Librarian

Ethan Bale The Lost Prince cover


Books added to the fiction library in 2023 include the latest volume in Toni Mount’s Seb Foxley medieval mystery series, The Colour of Bone, where Seb’s investigations leads him into the heart of  Richard, Duke of Gloucester’s  household at Crosby Place.  

In The Lost Prince, a sequel to Hawker and the King’s Jewel, Ethan Bale gives us another rousing adventure as Hawker and Sir Giles (the bastard son of Richard III) aid the bastard daughter of Vlad Dracula.

Wheel of Fortune is the first novel in what promises to be an outstanding series about Isobel Fenton who, as a lone woman without a male protector, faces degradation as well as danger during the  turbulent time of the Wars of the Roses.  (Donated by the author.)

Several volumes of the Dame Frevisse mystery series  have been added to the collection simply because your fiction librarian became hooked on Margaret Frazer’s writings and these books were not in the library nor available on Kindle.  The author seamlessly combines historical events (1431-1450) with a  solid mystery, while also evoking some aspects of medieval life. New additions are:  The Squire’s Tale; The Bastard’s Tale (dealing with the death of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester); The Widow’s Tale;  The Sempster’ Tale (Dame Frevisse is stranded in London during Cade’s Rebellion); and The Traitor’s Tale (dealing with events from Cade’s Rebellion to the return of the Duke of York from Ireland.) 

Also by Margaret Frazer is A Play of Treachery in which Joliffe the actor discovers a mystery in Rouen involving Jacquetta of Luxembourg and a certain Wydeville.  (Donated by Helena Wright.)

Kathy H.D. Kingsbury donated two books:  The Ballad of Crookback & Shakespeare, a play with lively repartee between the Master of Revels Tilney and Shakespeare concerning Gloriana’s wish for a play to honor her grandfather and vilify his predecessor.  She also donated a Manga graphic novel adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III.  

All of these books and more are free for American Branch members to borrow! 

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